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It’s been a busy Summer so far!

Swim Safe Team at Margate

I hope that have been able to enjoy the marvellous Summer that we have been having! The heatwave brings it’s own problems for our Lifeguards, Lifeboat Crews, HM Coastguard Rescue Teams and Community Safety Teams. They have been kept incredibly busy up and down the country being called out to a high number of people in need of assistance and also spreading the key safety messages. Some of the calls recently attended by our RNLI crews, lifeguards and Coastguard Teams have involved: tidal cut-offs, swimmers and kayackers in difficulty, weaver fish stings, yachts and fishing boats with machinery problems amongst others.  One of the vitally important projects that we have been helping to support is Swim Safe at Margate Main Sands, together with Swim Teachers and lifeguards. You can read more about this fantastic programme by checking out this link.

Reminding and Refreshing Beach visitors on Safety Tips

Our Team has been incredibly busy supporting a wide range of events across the area and also carrying out anumber of ‘pop-up’ engagement events on beaches to help share safety messaging.

L-R Coastguard Rescue Technician, Face2Face team & Community Safety at Broadstairs Water Gala

Margate Pride with the Face2Face Team

One of the incredible events that we were proud to support was Margate Pride. This is the first year that we have been able to attend and we were absolutely bowled over by the number of wonderful people we spoke with and how a large number had heard about our ‘Float Not Swim’ lifesaving technique through cinema and radio advertising. We are already looking forward to next years event!

The next event that we will attending is the National Kitesurfing Championship at Ramsgate on Saturday 18th August on the lower Promenade. So, if you are thinking of coming along to watch this awesome event, then why not pop over and come and say hello.

Future events:

Sunday 2nd September – Addington Street Revival Festival

Check out our Facebook page or Twitter to keep fully up-to-date on our future events.

More safety advice:

HM Coastguard Beach Safety

RNLI How to stay safe at the coast

How to stay safe on the beach!
Reminding and Refreshing Beach visitors on Safety Tips

Over the few weeks our team have been out and about on some of Thanet’s beaches speaking with beach visitors to remind and refresh them about how to stay safe at the beach. We’ve included a copy of the Beach Swim Safety Flags below for anyone that needs a reminder.

Beach Safety Flags
Our top eight top tips to keep you safe whilst at the beach:
  1.    When you arrive at the beach with your children go up to the Lifeguards and have a chat to find    out about local safety information such as the tides and local risk.
  2.    Take a photograph of your children to make it easier to describe them should they go missing.
  3.     Have a look around as you arrive at the beach for any local safety information such as tide cut-off information. Ask your children to identify with their local area which will help them find their way back to you after a walk along the beach.
  4.     When your children go into the sea, make sure that they go in pairs and both of them come out of the sea together or leave the beach together.
  5.     Have an agreed meet-up point should your group get separated.
  6.     Should one of the children in your party goes missing make sure that the rest of the group are supervised whilst you look for the other child. Try to stay calm, many children are found quickly after going missing.
  7.      Inform the Lifeguards and or Coastguard should your children goes missing. When you do locate them inform everyone involved in the search.
  8.      If you should get into difficulty in the water, float on your back and raise your arm to attract attention.

Have a great time whichever beach or coast that you are visiting.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more top tips and to learn about our Community Safety work.

Ramsgate’s Inshore Lifeboat