Cliff Edge Selfie’s!

Cliff Selfie’s!

The weather this past weekend was absolutely fantastic, the record for the hottest early Bank Holiday Monday was beaten according to BBC Weather. The previous record was 23.6C which was set back in 1999. The hottest part of the UK was Gosport, Hampshire where it reached 24.7C. As thousands of visitors descended to the the coast, the HM Coastguard reported that they had received 94 missing children reports over the bank holiday weekend alone.  Inaddition to the missing children reports, the Coastguard had been sent numerous photograph’s of people posing for ‘selfies’ stood on cliff edges. One in particular at Beachy Head, featured a family posing close to the cliff edge with young children!

The Coastguard warn that there are simply no safe places to take that ‘cliff edge selfie’, as the recent torrential rain, followed by the very dry weather can make cliff edges suspectible to crumbling, rock falls and decay.

How to call the Coastguard

Follow these top tips should you see someone in difficulty in the sea, on the beach or at the coast:

1. Call ‘999’ or ‘112’ and ask for the Coastguard as every second counts. Over half the people we speak to don’t know to call the Coastguard for an emergency at the coast

2. Describe your location to the Coastguard officer where the emergency is taking place

3. Describe the number of people/craft in your group or who you can see in trouble

4. Describe the problem (dog in the water who cannot swim out)

5. Give any additional information, life ring has been thrown to the person

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