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I hope that you are making the most of that extra hour in bed after the clocks went back marking the end of BST (British Summer Time).   Of course that extra hour in bed in the morning results in the evenings getting darker earlier.  Walking home in the dark after a social gathering with mates or work colleagues or perhaps after a long shift you may decide to take a short cut to get home quicker which takes you close to open water.    Make sure you take care when walking past open water as what appears to be straight forward in the light can be totally confusing in the dark.

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Avon Fire and Rescue Service have highlighted the Stay Safe Around Water message by using the social media #MatesMatter and encouraging the sports team mantra of looking after the team.  Our advice is to always check on your mates have got home safely by messaging or phoning them. Your phone call could just save their life.

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Thanet RNLI Community Safety Officer Striving to reduce accidental drownings by 50% by 2024 by spreading key safety messages to Thanet communities and its visitors.