Do you live or work near to the coast? Want to help the RNLI with coastal safety?
Do you live or work near to the coast? Want to help the RNLI with coastal safety?

Do you live or work near to the coast? If so you could be involved with the RNLI in producing innovative Water Safety Sand Signage.

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Sand signage – giving beach visitors warning about tides Photo credit: RNLI
When will you be asked to do this?

These signs are used to highlight local hazards and conditions so when you will be asked to do this can be variable. You will be linked with a local member of the RNLI Lifesaving team to identify times and patterns when this signage will be effective.

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Thanet Tidal Cut-Off hotspot: Kingsgate Bay, Broadstairs. Photo credit: Thanet RNLI Community Safety Team
Where will you asked to do this?

This will be in your local area and works best on sandy beaches with a high elevation that the public can view the messaging from. Sand Signage is proven to be a highly effective way of providing messaging which is local and timely.  For example on the Isle of Thanet current tidal cut-off areas are: Dumpton Gap, Stone Bay and environs, Kingsgate Bay; and Botany Bay. 

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Why are the RNLI asking for people to help out?

The RNLI are looking for support from within the local communities to deliver this; together the RNLI truly believes that they can save lives. Over half the people that get into trouble in the water didn’t expect to get wet. The RNLI needs support from local people to deliver this timely, adaptable messaging.

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Interested in signing up?

Simply click below on this link and follow the instructions

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Any questions?

Please contact the RNLI Water Safety Team 

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Want to find out more about water safety or drowning prevention?

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Other quick ways of volunteering

RNLI Local Ambassador opportunities

How to help the RNLI share it’s safety messages

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Thank you for reading and stay safe!


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Ramsgate’s Inshore Atlantic 85 Lifeboat. Photo credit: Sarah Hewes

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