High tempo joint life saving exercise with Coastguard, lifeguards & lifeboat
Joint working exercise

One week ago, on a Sunday morning, Thanet Lifeguard’s executed a high-tempo joint exercise inconjunction with the Margate Coastguard Rescue Team (CRT), Deal CRT and Margate Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) crew on one of Thanet’s popular beaches.  The exercise was to test each of the agencies involved in how they work collaboratively in a complex rescue situation and also to hone their own skillsets. The exercise was the brainchild of the one of the highly experienced and highly skilled Lifeguard Supervisors, who came up with the plan to test his own lifeguards before the start of the busy Summer Season and as well as combining other rescue partners. You may have read about or seen one of these exercises first hand, in the newspaper or on social media, as coastal emergency service rescue teams up and down the country prepare themselves for the forthcoming Summer season.


Coastguard Rescue Officers inaction

The scenairo quickly unfounded revealing that three people had been out climbing in some caves above the beach and fell causing injuries. These included varying from walking wounded, to one requiring full CPR with spinal pelvic and leg injuries. All three agencies worked extremely well together with cliff, water, casualty care and beach evacuation put into practise.

Acknowledgements to the RNLI Lifeguards and HM Coastguard Margate for allowing us to use the photograph’s.

Remember for all emergencies at the coast or sea call ‘999’ and ask for the Coastguard, every second counts.

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