Last blog of 2018!

It’s all about……Don’t Drink & Drown!

Well, this is the very last blog of 2018 and what a fantastic year we’ve all had. It’s been a pretty busy year with sixty five deployments to a variety of events, shows and engagements. One of our last deployments saw our team carry out the ‘Don’t Drink & Drown’ preventative patrols at Ramsgate and Margate harbours respectively. During this engagement patrol we teamed up with the Margate HM Coastguard Rescue Team, Kent branch of the Royal Lifesaving Society and the Thanet Community Pastors to share the Don’t Drink & Drown safety message to revellers and bar staff.

Thanet RNLI Community Safety Team blog about Don't Drink and Drown
RNLI Community Safety team out and about sharing safety messages at Ramsgate Harbour

Over two consecutive evenings at both Ramsgate and Margate Harbours the teams engaged with two hundred people effectively sharing the key safety message of don’t walk home alone close to water after a night out, look after your friends so that they get home safely, don’t enter the water if you have been drinking; and alcohol seriously affects your ability to get yourself out of trouble if you have been drinking.

Our ‘Safety Selfie frame’ being put to good use at Wetherspoons

On the lead-up to the Don’t Drink and Drown week I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on Thanet’s local charity radio station Academy FM about the importance of the campaign as Kent is the 2nd highest risk in the UK with regards accidental drownings (54 people died over the past 5 years 15 of those had alcohol in their system, statistics from National Water Forum Water Incident Database).

Isle of Thanet News article on Don’t Drink & Drown 

The Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) national campaign – September & December

So, that’s it folks thanks for reading our blog and for following our work. We will be back in January to share with you about the work of our Comunity Safety and rest assured we will have lots of exciting projects to share with you. Happy New Year!