Life lost at Ramsgate during atrocious weather!

Acknowledgements to MCA for the above weather warning poster

The start of the week began with some really atrocious weather hitting the Kent Coast. The Sunday night weather broadcast, predicted high winds, a high rain fall (Kent and Surrey could receive up to 80mm of rain, compared with the April average for the area of 50mm), South Eastern railways predicting cancellations across it’s network as well as similar broadcasts from the Met Office and Environmental Agency. Weather forecastors had got their forecast spot on, which I found to my cost, whilst en-route to work on the Monday morning, where I was met with a tree down partially blocking the road and lots of branch debris strewn across roads.  Photograph’s on social media depicted beach buts being strewn across beaches and some unfortunately smashed up beyond repair.

As the weather worsened this brought further devastation along this stretch of the coast, including both of Ramsgate Lifeboats being summoned to rescue four men who had been swept off the harbour’s East Pier. The Lifeboat Press Officers report can be read in full here. Unfortunately, one of those who had to be rescued died at the scene due to the injuries he sustained. Our thoughts and prayers are with this gentlemen’s family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time. Further local press reports can be found in Isle of Thanet News

For the rest of the week, the weather took a turn for the better and the sun appeared and temperatures rose alittle.  What with the excitement of the forthcoming bank holiday weekend we urge everyone visiting the coast or enjoying the sea in one form or another to take on board these 6 top tips:

1) Check the tides & weather before you venture out 2) Tell someone where you are going & when the latest time you will be returning 3) Wear the right kit for the activity 4) Carry a full charged mobile phone or other ‘calling for help’ device eg VHF radio 5) If you see someone or an animal in difficulty in the water dial ‘999’ and ask for the Coastguard 6) Keep away from cliff and sea edges.

Acknowledgements to Tobias Taylor for the photo at the top of our page showing the Air Ambulance in action at Ramsgate harbour.

More information on how to stay safe at the coast can be found by visiting the RNLI website

or HM Coastguard.

Thanks for Ramsgate RNLI for the reproduction of photo’s and Press Officers Report.