Lifejacket Clinic – sends out massive safety message


On Sunday, myself and one of our Community Safety Advisors ran a lifejacket clinic, hosted by the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate. The clinic was set up to check sailors lifejackets prior to the start of the sailing season.  We were kept pretty busy, checking 72 lifejackets in total, unfortunately 41 failed the basic quality checks. The failures ranged from rusty and corroded cannisters, lose or missing cylinders, out of date firing mechanisms to name a few.  Our clinic made the Ramsgate RNLI website and Margate RNLI Facebook page highlighting the need to check your lifejacket and get it properly maintained on a regular basis. Have a look at my previous blog post on lifejacket top tips.

One lifejacket that was found to be totally unusable

The photo above shows one of the lifejackets that failed the checks

Thanks to the Royal Temple Yacht Club Commodore, staff and members for hosting the event and for making us feel very welcome. Thanks also to Keith Friar for sending us the demonstration defunct lifejackets.

Lifejackets are probably the most important piece of lifesaving kit that a sailor, fishermen or sea sports enthusiast could possibly own and or use. They are useless unless worn and also useless unless properly maintained and looked after.

More information on how to choose the right lifejacket and look after it properly can be found via the RNLI website