Our Ultimate Packing List – Top 20 Things To Take To The Beach This Summer

As the temperatures rise and the school Summer holidays get into full swing, families flock to the seaside to enjoy the delights of the beach.  Many will enjoy paddling or swimming in the sea, exploring rock pools, building the best sandcastles ever, hurling a frisbee, or playing a fun game of cricket or rounders.  What is there not to like about that I hear you ask?  However, if you don’t plan your day at the beach it could turn out to be not so enjoyable.  We have also included some top safety tips.


To help avoid you having a less than enjoyable day our team have come up with their ‘Ultimate Packing List’ (top 20 things) to pack for the beach this Summer.  The list is by no means exhaustive and you may want to add extra items or take things away depending on families age, your length of stay or space you have available in your transport.

  1.  Sun cream
  2.  Pop-up tent/beach umbrella
  3.  Sun hats
  4.  Bottles of water/cool bags/picnic/snacks
  5.  Bucket and spade (goes without saying)
  6.  Swimming costumes
  7.  Beach towels
  8.  Picnic blanket
  9.  Good sized beach bag/festival trolley
  10.  Buoyancy aids such as water woggles, arm bands, lifejacket etc
  11.  Windbreak – not only to protect you from the wind but to provide some extra privacy
  12.  Fleeces (if it turns out to be alittle breezey)
  13.  Bat, balls, frisbee, beach cricket set
  14.  Spare toilet paper
  15.  Beach chairs
  16.  Good book or E-book reader
  17.  Zip-lock bags to keep clean clothes clean and dry
  18.  Mobile phone for those all important photograph’s
  19.  Hand sanitizer
  20.  Crabbing net

To make your beach trip a super safe one take a look at the top tips we’ve included:

  1.  Visit a lifeguarded beach
  2.   Stop and Think – look for dangers, always read the signs
  3.  STAY TOGETHER – Never swim alone. Always go with friends or family
  4.  In an emergency CALL ‘999’ or ‘112’ ask for the Coastguard – shout for help
  5.  FLOAT – If you fall in, float or swim on your back.

We hope that you have a fun and safe time at the beach.

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