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Do You Know What To Do If You Saw Someone Drowning?

Do you know what to do if you saw someone drowning?

Knowing what to do in the event of seeing someone in difficulty in the water could help save someone’s life. The majority of people will not just stand and watch someone in difficulty in the water. However, if your instinct is to jump in and attempt a rescue this could cost you your life.  On a lifeguarded beach the best action is to alert the lifeguards straight away. But, what happen’s if the incident is out of season when the beach doesn’t have lifeguards on duty or you are on holiday and you spot someone who is in difficulty in the water?

During August 2019 a gentlemen very tragically lost his life in Porthmadog, North Wales after entering the water to try and save the life of his children. I am sure you will agree that we all admire the selflessness that drives people to risk their own lives to help others, however, the RNLI’s message is clear “Call for help rather than endanger your own life and the lives of others”.

Mike Dunn, Deputy Director of Education and Research at RLSS UK has provided the following guide

6 Steps To Saving A Life Without Risking Your Own

1. Keep Alert

Don’t expect a casualty to be shouting for help. They may be struggling to breathe, and drowning looks very different to how it is portrayed in the movies.

If you’re not sure, shout: ‘Do you need help?’ If they say yes or don’t answer at all, it’s time to act.

2. Resist the temptation

Don’t be tempted to go in. The water might be cold, which will limit your ability to swim. And whatever has caused the casualty to need help is likely to happen to you too. Cold water shock is a killer. Find out more about by watching this video featuring RNLI Ambassador Ant Middleton

3. Dial ‘999’ or ‘112’ straight away

Call the emergency services before you do anything else, so help will be on its way.

Or ask someone else to call while you try to help the casualty. If you’re alone without a phone, find someone who can call for help. Give the following information to the Coastguard Operator if at the coast. Ask for the Fire Service if inland:

  • Give your location.
  • Describe the problem.
  • Tell them the number of people in danger.
  • Give any additional information that may be useful such as any access issues or hazards.

4. Shout and Signal

From the shore you have a better view of the area than the casualty. Shout and encourage them to stay calm and float. Remind them to kick their legs gently. Once they’ve caught their breath they may be able to reach a lifering in the water, a jetty, or a shallower area of water.

5. Find a Rescue Aid

If there is a life ring, throw bag (filled with rope), or other public rescue aid equipment nearby, quickly read any instructions then throw it to the casualty. See our advice on how to use a throw bag or lifering.

Some parts of the country have rescue boards (pictured above) which contain rescue equipment either a throw bag or a reach pole secured by a digital combination lock. To access this equipment dial ‘999’ ask for the Coastguard at the coast or on the River Thames. For inland water ways (canals, rivers, lakes, loch’s, pools) ask for the Fire Service quoting the identifying number on the rescue board which will allow you access to the emergency equipment.

If there is no public rescue aid equipment, throw anything that will float.

6.  Safe Rescue

Before you pull the casualty in, get down on one knee or lie down so you don’t fall in.

Remember, even if your rescue attempts fail, emergency services are on their way. Keep sight of the casualty to help the emergency services locate them quicker.

Picture Credits:  RNLI/Andy Perryman

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Why We Are Asking People Not To Set Off Flares And Sky Lanterns & On Bonfire Night – 5th November 2020

Why We Are Asking People Not To Set Off Flares And Sky Lanterns On Bonfire Night – 5th November 2020

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well!

We are aware sky lanterns (sometimes referred to as chinese lanterns which are often used in birthday and weddings celebrations) are being advertised as an alternative to attending the traditional bonfire night gatherings/parties due to COVID-19 government lockdown restrictions.  The sky lanterns are often set off on or close to bonfire night 5th November.

COVID19 Coronavirus Thanetlifeguards RNLILifeguards Margatecoastguard RNLICommunitysafety RNLiSeasafety RNLIWatersafety Respectthewater Bewateraware NFCC RNLI Lifeboats
Photo credit: Wildlife Trust Thanet

What are Sky Lanterns and why are they hazardous to animals

The paper lanterns are small hot air balloons, powered by a flame suspended on a wire frame which represents a significant fire risk to life, property, birds, livestock and agriculture when they come down to earth so should never be used.

COVID19 Coronavirus ThanetLifeguards RNLIWatersafety RNLIseasafety RNLICommunitysafety Chineselaterns Stayathomesaveslives lovethenhs margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat Margatecoastguard knowwhotocall

Cause of fires

In 2013 CCTV footage proved a sky lantern to be the cause of a fire at a recycling plant in the West Midlands. More than 200 firefighters and 39 fire appliances were deployed over several days to tackle the blaze involving plastics and paper.

Skylanterns COVID19 CoronaVirus RNLICommunitysafety RNLISeasafety RNLIseasafety Margatecoastguard Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat

Unnecessary Calls-Out’s for Lifeboat Crews and Coastguard Teams

Near the coast they may also be mistaken for distress flares causing unnecessary searches by our lifeboat and coastguard team colleagues. However, both search and rescue organisations are still ready to respond to genuine incidents, but do not need unavoidable calls putting their own and other lives at risk at this time.  Remember: What goes up must come down. If you do plan on releasing these lanterns near the coast, let the Coastguard know when and where.  As an alternative you could consider purchasing: 

  • stationary candles and nightlights
  • static lanterns or outdoor lights
  • or planting a tree in memory of a loved one

COVID19 CoronaVirus coastguard knowwhotocall coastal emergency


Flares are a critical piece of sea safety kit, it is illegal to fire them in non-distress situation.  Every year lifeboat crews and Coastguard Rescue Teams are called out to the sighting of flares out at sea or coast.  Flares are designed to be fired over water. If fired over land they can cause serious fires.  Bonfire Night can be a big night for unnecessary call-outs. Flares and lanterns are easily mistaken for distress signals and each sighting of a flare or lantern has to be investigated fully. This could divert search and rescue assets (lifeboats and Coastguard Rescue Teams) away from genuine emergency situation and can mean an exhaustive search in challenging conditions putting volunteers at further risk.

COVID-19 lockdown Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat Thanetlifeguards Margatecoastguard RNLICommunitysafety RNLIWatersafety respectthewater Bewateraware weatheraware

Thank you for reading, and from all of our team take care and stay safe!

margatecoastguard ramsgatelifeboat margatelifeboat RNLI lifeboats RNLiWatersafety RNLICommunitySafety

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Still want to help support the RNLI during COVID19?

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Margate Inshore Lifeboat Photo Credit: Margate LPO



HM Coastguard


Wildlife Conservation Trust Thanet

springtides covid-19 lockdown margatecoastguard margatelifeboat ramsgatelifeboat margate ramsgate Broadstairs callingforhelo tides
Do You Know How To Check the Tide Times?

Do You Know How To Check the Tide Times?

Regularly at events we are asked what is the best way to check the tide times?  There are a variety of websites and smart device app’s available which are free to download and use to check the tides.  Shops, cafe’s and other harbour/marina establishments regularly stock paper copies of tide tables which are available for a nominal fee or a donation to the local lifeboat station.  A special mention should be made of ‘Spring Tides’ at this point in the blog. Spring Tides can result in people getting easily cut-off by the incoming tide including places where there normally isn’t an issue.  For more information go to our blog on different tides.

tides springtides ramsgatelifeboat margatelifeboat thanetlifeguard margatecoastguard tides callingforhelp margate RNLICommunitysafety RNLICommunitysafety
A spring tide—popularly known as a “King Tide”—refers to the ‘springing forth’ of the tide during new and full moon. A neap tide—seven days after a spring tide—refers to a period of moderate tides when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other.

Some lifeboat station’s also display the tide times on their external notice board’s. Many lifeboat station’s, Coastguard teams and National Coastwatch station’s publish tide times and safety advice on a regular basis on their social media channels. Both Ramsgate and Margate lifeboat station’s publish tide times.

We have included anumber of websites and ap’s below to give you an idea which ones are available.

mobilephone tidetimes coastguard beachsafety communitysafety lifeboats thanet broadstairs margate ramsgate dogsafety beaches sandybeaches touristinformation thanet

BBC Weather Tide Tables

Tide Times

Met Office Beach forecast and tide times


Tide Times App – iOS device

Tide Times App – Android

You maybe visiting the coast to enjoy a lovely walk with your friends or family, partake in some bird watching, go climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, swimming, surfing or just take in the sea from a cafe or coffee shop.  Whatever activity you are taking part in why not remind yourself about some safety tips which could help save your life below:

respectthewater coastalsafety seasafety RNLI lifeboats walkyourdogmonth dogssafety

  • Always carry a ‘calling for help device’ such as a fully charged mobile phone or VHF radio

RNLICommunitysafety RNLIwatersafety COVID-19 Respectthewater Thanetlifeguards

  • If you are going out on your own tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back

lifejackets RNLI respectthewater bewateraware thanet RNLIwatersafety RNLICommunitysafety RNLISeasafety margate broadstairs ramsgate seacheck beaches swimsafe watersafety kent thanet Whitstable dover walmer newhaven brighton

  • Wear the right clothing for the activity. If you are enjoying time on the water always wear a fully serviced lifejacket.

RNLICommunitysafetyteam RNLIwatersafety RNLI Tides callingforhelo respectthewater bewateraware bebeachsafe ThanetLifeguards margatecoastguard whitstablelifeboat margatelifeboat ramsgatelifeboat

  • Check the weather forecast

coastguard watersafety seasaafety communitysafetyrnli

  • If you get into difficulty dial ‘999’ or ‘112’ and ask for the Coastguard

RNLIwatersafety COVID-19 lockdown margatecoastguard thanetlifeguards RNLICommunitysafety respectthewater Do You Know How To Check the Tide Times?

  • Don’t enter the water if you get cut-off by the tide, call for help

covid-19 lockdown thanetlifeguards RNLICommunitysafety RNLIwatersafety margatecoastguard margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat

  • Heed any warning signs that are displayed at the coast or on beaches

covid-19 lockdown margatecoastguard thanetlifeguards respectthewater bewateraware bebeachsafe

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times as conditions can change quickly without warning

Respectthewater communitysafety tidetimes

  • If you end up in the water Float On Your Back until you get your breath back – Float To Live

    Ian Lockyer (RNLI Community Safety Advisor) says “we want everyone to enjoy the coast and get as much out of your visit as possible. But, making a few preparations and having a plan should things go wrong will help save your life”.

    Other useful links

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    Float to live – Evan’s Story

    How do I prevent being cut-off by the tide?

    Coastaldogsafety RNLI watersafety drowningprevention RLSS ROSPA dogs coastguard Thanet Broadstairs Raamsgate Margate
    One of our Coastal Dog Safety sessions at Dumpton Gap (prior to Lockdown)



    HM Coastguard

    National Coastwatch Institution

    National Ocean Service

    margatecoastguard thanetlifeguards RNLIWatersafer RNLICommunitysafety Margate Broadstairs Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat Ramsgate Knowwhotocall bebeachsafe
    How Do I Call For Help By Phone At The Coast?

    How Do I Call For Help By Phone At The Coast?

    Our Coastguard colleagues have in the past carried out a public survey and they report that half of the people they questioned did not know that they should dial ‘999’ and ask for the Coastguard for a coastal emergency.  Here are just some of the incidents which the Coastguard should get called to (The list is not exhaustive):

    ▪️Person in the water

    ▪️Someone shouting/waving for help from a boat,

    ▪️Someone stuck on/fallen from a Coastal cliff,

    ▪️Someone stuck in Coastal mud or quicksand,

    ▪️Boat sinking or on fire

    ▪️Persons floating out to sea on a lilo

    ▪️Distress flare sighted

    ▪️Persons jumping from quay walls and putting themselves in danger

    ▪️Persons “Wave Dodging” and putting themselves in danger

    ▪️Someone gone kayaking at the Coast and not back at the time they said they would be

    ▪️Boat aground

    ▪️Someone injured on a beach

    ▪️Someone cut off by the tide

    ▪️Child(ren) lost on the beach

    ▪️Marine Pyrotechnics (flares) or suspected Military Ordnance found on a beach

    Coastguard RNLI ThanetRNLICommunitysafety NMOC

    Here is the procedure in the event of spotting a coastal emergency:

     1.  Dial ‘999’ or ‘112’ (European Emergency Number) and ask for the Coastguard

    2.   Describe your location, if you don’t know exactly where you are use a clear description, landmarks or try and find someone who knows the area.   On some smart phones the compass app will also display the position as latitude and longitude. Alternatively, use an app such as OS locate or What3words

    3.  Describe the number of people, animal and or craft that is involved

    4.   Describe the problem = what you can see and or hear

    5.  Give any further information such as closet access point for emergency services and any further updates on injuries to casualties

    tides cut-off RNLI RNLICommunitysafety thanet Kent RNLICommunitySafety

    Useful references

    Have you downloaded the What3Words App yet?

    What exactly is SafeTrx and how can it keep me safe?

    Do you know who to call for a coastal emergency?

    coastguard watersafety seasaafety communitysafetyrnli


    Greenock Coastguard Team


    HM Coastguard

    COVID19 Lockdown RNLICommunitysafety RNLIWatersafety Lockdown Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat EastKent 999Emergencyservicesday Lifeboats RNLI KentPolice Fireandrescueservice Margatecoastguard
    Showing support for National Emergency Services Day – 9th September 2020

    Showing support for National Emergency Services Day

    Our team are very proud to support the The Emergency Services Day which begin’s at 9am on 9th September annually (9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month) with two minutes’ silence to remember emergency services personnel killed as a result of their duties.   Normally there would be a series of events across planned across the UK, however, these have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The media and social media part of the 9th September will continue to go ahead. Fear not the Emergency Services day posters, leaflets and information can be downloaded via their website here


    lockdown RNLICommunitysafetyteam COVID-19 999NationalEmergencyservices day Margatecoastguard Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat Thanet East Kent Police Fireandrescueservice Thanetlifeguards

    What is the aim of the day

    To promote the work of the emergency services, promote efficiency, educate the public, and promote volunteering opportunities. Volunteers are an essential part of the emergency services and they play a core part in keeping Britain safe. Such volunteering roles include; Special Constables, Retained Firefighters, NHS Community Responders, St John Ambulance, RNLI, Search and Rescue and Coastguard volunteers.  Our team will be showing their support by sharing content on social media and talking to our community about how important the day is. Keep following our social media channels to find out more.

    The Emergency Services Day is also part of the Emergency Services Memorial, the ‘999’ Day is an excellent opportunity for other emergency services charities to fundraise, raise their profile and participate in this event. The day is inspired by Armed Forces Day (AFD), our team are proud to proud to support this event and promote the work of all emergency services across the UK.

    Want more information

    Would you like to get involved in Emergency Services Day?  More information on how to get involved

    Follow the Emergency Services Day team on social media channels:

    Facebook page


    More useful links

    HM Coastguard Association

    Emergency Services Memorial

    lockdown covid-19 Nationalemergencyservicesday 999coastguard margatecoastguard margatelifeboat ramsgatelifeboat thanet east kent


    Emergency Services Day ambassadors and support team

    Respectthewater Bewateraware RNLI RLSS Dontdrinkanddrown Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat RNLICOmmunitysafety RNLIwatersafety
    Thanet’s RNLI Community Safety Team are making waves with this year’s Royal Lifesaving Societies Drowning Prevention Week campaign

    Thanet’s RNLI Community Safety Team are making waves with this year’s Royal Lifesaving Societies Drowning Prevention Week campaign

    The Thanet RNLI Community Safety Team will be taking part in a UK and Ireland-wide effort, when it takes part in Drowning Prevention Week 2020, in a bid to help families stay water-safe during and after lockdown.

    RLSS bewateraware respectthewater RNLI ThanetLifeguards Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat Drowningpreventionweek DPW

    Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we now know that the usual level of service provided by rescue and lifeguard services are not going to be possible in 2020. Personal water safety is more important than ever before, to save lives.

    The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), fears that families will flock to beaches and inland water locations this summer, without considering the potential dangers, putting themselves and others at risk.

    In a bid to ensure families in Thanet and visitors to the area know how to keep themselves and others safe our team will be supporting RLSS UK’s annual Drowning Prevention Week campaign, this year running from 12-19 June.

    lifebuoy RNLICommunitySafety Lifeboats RNLI ThanetRNLICommunitySafety RoSPA Bewateraware Respectthewater

    RLSS UK launched the campaign seven years ago as a way of focusing the UK’s attention on the importance of water safety, during one focal week of activities. A wide range of free, downloadable resources have been produced to help supporters promote water safety through schools, leisure centres, swimming clubs, community ventures and businesses.

    callingforhelp coastguard rnlicommunitysafety watersafety seasafety thanet broadstairs margate ramsgate RNLI lifeboats callingforhelp

    The Charity hopes that through the campaign, the UK and Ireland will see a reduction in the statistics that see approximately 700 people losing their lives to drowning every year – that’s one every 12 hours. Many more suffer injury, sometimes lifechanging, following a water related incident.

    inflatables DPW Royallifesavingsociety Respectthewater RNLICommunitysafety RNLIwatersafety RNLIseasafety Thanetlifeguards beachsafety margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat

    Our team is proud to play its part in trying to reduce this figure, and ensuring there isn’t a rise in fatalities because of the current situation. Our team will be sharing images and content via their social media platforms throughout the campaign week.

    Andy Mills (Thanet RNLI Community Safety) said: “It is so important to remind people to stay safe and take personal responsibility near water, especially during these unprecedent times. We are only too happy to be involved with the RLSS’ Drowning Prevention Week.

    RLSS Thanetlifeguards Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat Respectthewater Dontdrinkanddrown DPW Bewateraware
    Members of the team holding a Drowning Prevention Stand during Summer 2019 in Ramsgate

    “Most people are surprised to learn that you are more likely to die from drowning in the UK, than you are from being hit by a car or in a domestic fire. We urge as many people as possible to take advantage of our on-line material and learn what could be potentially lifesaving skills”.

    Respectthewater Bewateraware RNLI RNLIWatersafety RNLICommunitysafety RNLISeasafety Thanetlifeguards Margate Ramsgate Broadstairs

    Other useful links

    Royal Lifesaving Society – Drowning Prevention Campaign

    RNLI Respect the Water

    How to Float to Live

    tidetimes respectthewater RNLI watersafety drowningprevention RLSS ROSPA DumptonGap BotanyBay KingsgateBay StoneBay Coastguard 999 Thanet Broadstairs Margate Ramsgate

    COVID19 Coronavirus RNLICommunitysafety RNLIwatersafety RNLIseasafety Respectthewater Bewateraware Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat RNLI Thanetlifeguards margatecoastguard Knowwhotocall Beachsafety stayathomesaveslives lockdown
    Please Don’t Use The Sea For Exercise Or Recreation Over The Easter Break

    Please Don’t Use The Sea For Exercise Or Recreation

    The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and the HM Coastguard are both calling on people not to take part in any water based activity on or in the sea, to help reduce the risk to the lifeboat crews, Coastguard Rescue Teams and Coastguard helicopter crews being exposed to COVID-19 and the pressure on their own time.

    COVID19 CoronaVirus Margatelifeboat RNLI CommunitySafety
    Margate’s Mersey ALB.  Photo credit : Sarah Hewes

    Normally, hoards of people would be flocking to the coast over the Easter weekend and holiday period to enjoy the joys of the beaches and coastal area’s.  However, both the RNLI and HM Coastguard are asking everyone to abide by the government instructions to Stay at Home, Protect The NHS and Save Lives.

    Margatecoastguard HM Coastguard Respectthewater Bewateraware Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat COVID19 CoronaVirus Thanetlifeguards RNLILifeguards surfing kitesurfing beachwalking coastalwalking coastaldogwalks beaches Royalnationallifeboatinstitution RNLIWatersafety RNLICommunitysafety RNLIseasafety
    Image credit: HM Coastguard

    The government have decreed that everyone is permitted to go outside for their daily exercise whether it it is a walk, run, cycle or jog, however, the RNLI and HM Coastguard do not recommend taking part in any activity that is on or in the sea. This would include: any type of sailing, personal water craft (PWC), in-beach play, boat fishing, rowing, motor boating, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, off-shore angling, kayaking, canoeing, coasteering, diving, climbing or swimming amongst others.

    COVID19 margatehmcoastguardteam Hmcoastguard Knowwhotocall lifeboats RNLICommunitySafety Seasafety
    HM Coastguard Officers dressed in water safety kit during a multi-agency exercise. Photo credit: Margate Coastguard Rescue Team

    The RNLI’s lifeboat crews and the HM Coastguard Rescue Teams are still available 24/7 for emergency calls, however, on every occasion a crew or team is called out this will put extra pressure on the personnel responding to the call and other emergency services such as the NHS hero’s, Ambulance Service; and Fire and Rescue Service. Additionally, potentially exposing teams and staff to the Corona Virus.

    Our team really appreciate that it’s tempting to visit the coast. We all absolutely love the coast too. But please, this weekend, stretch your legs local to where you live, don’t stretch the RNLI and Coastguard resources and don’t travel to the coast. To quote the Coastguard “It’s not a holiday, it’s a national emergency”.

    COVID19 respectthewater Bewateraware RNLiWatersafety RNLICommunitysafety Margatelifeboat RamsgateLifeboat Margatecoastguard Thanetlifeguards PublichealthEngland RNLI Lifeboats Washyourhands

    Gareth Morrison (Head of RNLI Water Safety) said: “We know that people who live at the coast still want to exercise by the sea, but when you do this, please think of the potential impact of your actions on RNLI Lifeboat crew volunteers and other emergency services.  While you could be fully competent and never needed to be rescued, by going out on the water you could encourage others who are less proficient to take part in similar activities”.

    COVID19 Coronavirus RNLICommunitySafety RNLIWatersafety respectthewater Bewateraware Margatelifeboat Margatecoastguard ramsgatelifeboat

    “Since the government lockdown was introduced around the UK Coast, our lifeboat have been called out all too often to rescue people. So, if you do go out for a walk or a run at the coast, please follow the RNLI Safety Advice”:

    1.  Take care near cliff’s – know your route and your limitations

    COVID19 Coronavirus respecttheater RNLI RNLIWatersafety RNLICommunitySafety RNLICommunitysafety Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat Respectthewater Bewateraware lifejackets beachsafety Thanetlifeguards

         2.  Check the weather forecast and the tide times

    tides cut-off RNLI RNLICommunitysafety thanet Kent RNLICommunitySafety3. If you fall into the water unexpectedly FLOAT TO LIVE, fight your instinct to thrash around, lean back, extend back, extend your arms and legs – FLOAT

    COVID19 Coronavirus Respectthewater communitysafety tidetimes

    4. In a coastal emergency dial ‘999’ ask for the Coastguard

    COVID19 CoronaVirus knowwhotocall respectthewater RNLIwatersafety RNLICommunitysafety RNLIseasafety Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat Bewateraware Broadstairsbeach margatebeaches ramsgatebeaches COVID19Thanet COVID19 Coronavirus

    Gareth added “Our lifeboat crews are still at the ready 24/7 – thanks to their own courage in a time of crisis and the generoristy of our supporters”.

    How to support RNLI crews during COVID-19

    If people are compelled to show their support from home, we ask them to help by giving something that keeps our volunteers ready to launch, replace worn-out kit or helps us repair a lifeboat. To support our lifesavers go to the RNLI donation page

    COVID19 Coronavirus RNLICommunitysafety RNLIwatersafety Lockdown stayathomesavelifes Respectthewater Bewatereaware margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat margatecoastguard

    No lifeguard patrols this weekend

    There will be no lifeguard patrols at any beaches this weekend as the planned roll-out of beach lifeguard patrols was postponed until further notice following government advice to stay at home to save lives and protect the NHS.

    COVID19 CoronaVirus NHS Thanetlifeguards lockdown Stayathomesavelives Margatecoastguard Margatelifeboat Ramsgatelifeboat Respectthewater BEwateraware RNLICommunitysafety RNLISeasafety RNLI lifeboats
    Botany Bay – Photo credit: Thanet RNLI Community Safety.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. From all of the team we wish you a safe Easter weekend!

    COVID19 Coronavirus Respectthewater RNLI watersafety RNLICommunitySafety Thanet Kent MargateRNLI Broadstairs Dogsafety RamsgateRNLI
    Coastal Dog Safety event at Dumpton Gap. Picture credit: Thanet RNLI Community Safety. Picture taken before COVID-19 social distancing regulations came into force.

    Other useful references

    What is the difference between the Coastguard and RNLI?

    Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives

    Sign-up to receive our team’s free newsletter

    COVID19 CoronaVirus Margatelifeboat Respectthewater RNLI Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboatstation Margatecoastalmarathon Thanetroadrunners RNLICommunitysafety RNLISeasafety RNLIWatersafety lifejacketclinic adviceonboard harboursafety beachsafety coasalsafety swimsafe thanetlifeguards royallifesavingsociety bewaterwater nationalfirechiefscouncil inshorelifeboat ILB drowningprevention margatecoast
    Margate’s Inshore Lifeboat. Photo credit: Margate LPO



    HM Coastguard

    Public Health England

    lifejacketclinic RNLICommunitysafety RNLIwatersafety RNLIseasafety Respectthewater Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat Royaltempleyachtclub lifejacketclinic
    Lifejacket Clinic At Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate Proves A Resounding Success!

    Lifejacket Clinic At Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate Proves A Resounding Success!

    On Sunday (15th March 2020) team members ran a lifejacket clinic at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate at the kind invitation of the Club Commodore.

    Many of you will own a lifejacket or bouyancy aid (also known as a personal floatation device) or certainly have worn one in the past if you take part in any form of water based activity such as sailoring, off-shore angling, sea fishing, motor boating, paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking.  Your lifejacket may help save your life one day, but only if you maintain it properly and wear it for your chosen activity.

    sailing yachting RNLICommunitySafety Seasafety Coastguard RYA marina harbour lifejackets callingforhelp AOB adviceonboard RNLI Lifeboats

    You may have heard the term ‘useless unless worn’ in articles about safety whilst on the water, which is so true when considering what a such important part a lifejacket plays in your everyday safety drills. So, the clinic is all about helping to keep people safe by checking their lifejackets and giving out other advice to keep them safe whilst on the water.

    RTYC Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat RNLICommunutySafety RNLISeasafety RNLIWatersafety Respectthewater Royaltempleyachtclub Bewateraware THanetlifeguards lifejacketclinic
    Members of the team carrying out lifejacket checks

    Throughout the lifejacket clinic the team checked nineteen lifejackets intotal and sixty eight per cent failed for a variety of reasons.  Which included : corroded cylinders and out-of-date firing mechanism’s.

    RNLI recommendation

    The RNLI recommend’s that the owner/skipper undertakes a thorough inspection of each and every lifejacket at least once a year – more often if the lifejacket is used frequently and to have the lifejacket serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.  We must point out that an inspection by an RNLI Community Safety Adviser is not the equavalent of a lifejacket service.

    lifejacketclinic RNLICommunitysafety RNLIWatersafety RNLISeasafety Thanetlifeguards Respectthewater Bewateraware drowningprevention lifejacketclinic spinlock Ramsgatelifeboat Margatelifeboat Royaltempleyachtclub RTYC

    Here are our recommended basic checks which should be undertaken prior to every trip before donning the lifejacket:

    • Inspect the outside of the lifejacket for wear and tear
    • Even it is a lifejacket with an inspection window, undoe the jacket at the point next to the inflator
    • Check the gas cylinder is handtight, or if it’s a bayonet type firmly locked in position
    • If the lifejacket is new to you, remove the cylinder and check it has not been fired
    • Replace with a new cylinder if required
    • Look for the green  indicators on the trigger and if fitted, on the automatic firing system
    • Keep spare cylinders and the replaceable parts for the automatic firing system on hand, so that if required the jacket can be re-armed. Alternatively, keep spare armed jackets aboard the vessel.

    RNLILifejacketclinic communitysafety RNLICommunitySafety Lifeboats, Seasafety WaterSafety

    Lifejacket inspections can be undertaken during an advice on board session, at a lifejacket clinic (as at the Royal Temple Yacht Club) or ad-hoc when speaking with members of the public during our ‘walking the pontoons’ at Ramsgate Harbour.  Just drop our team a private message on our Facebook page and we can organise a lifejacket check or Advice on Board session for you completely free of charge.

    royaltempleyachtclub respectthewater Lifeboats RNLIcommunitysafety Seasafety Thanet Broadstairs Ramsgate Margate Drowningprevention watersafety RLSS

    We would like to thank all the people who visited the lifejacket clinic and brought along their jackets to be checked.  A big shout out also to Karen Cox (Ramsgate Lifeboat Press Officer) and the Royal Temple Yacht Club staff for making us very welcome and for facilitating our clinic.

    Other useful references

    When was the last time you checked your lifejacket?

    Anglers and lifejackets

    Why wearing a lifejacket or bouyancy aid is so important!

    seasafety RNLICommunitysafety Thanet


    Royal Temple Yacht Club


    RNLICommunitysafetyteam seasafety watersafety RNLI lifeboats thanetRNLICommunitySafety DumptonGap Broadstairs Margate Ramsgate Swimming Dogs tides coastal safety knowwhotocall coastguard 999
    Thanet RNLI Community Safety Team Help Prevent Four People From Being Cut-Off By The Tide At Dumpton Gap

    Thanet RNLI Community Safety Team Help Prevent Four Tide Cut-Off’s at Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs

    Members of the Thanet RNLI Community Safety Team deployed to Dumpton Gap on Sunday (12th January 2020) to chat to dog walkers and beach users about coastal safety as part of their proactive Incident Prevention Engagement (IPE) tactic.

    Dumpton Gap is one of the ‘risk’ areas around the Thanet coastline for tidal cut-off’s due to the rapid rate in which the tide can come in and the headland geography. Ramsgate Lifeboat crew are called out from time to time to people cut-off by the tide in this area.

    tidalcutoff RNLI lifeboats ramsgate Broadstairs Margate SeaSafety WaterSafety RNLiCommunitysafety
    One of the lovely doggies who stopped by to say hello

    As the team were enjoying chatting to beach visitors at Dumpton Gap they became aware of four people who were embarking on a walk around the headland towards Ramsgate.  With an incoming high tide, a strong wind and rough sea state the people were rapidly approached by team members and advised them against walking this route and to take a safe one along the cliff top.  All four people heeded the advice and took the alternative route to Ramsgate.  Andy Mills – Thanet RNLI Community Safety Officer said “it was a significantly high tide on Sunday morning at Dumpton Gap. Fortunately these beach visitors took on board our advice. We would urge everyone to check the weather and tides before heading out for a coastal walk and to carry a fully charged ‘calling for help’ device such as a mobile phone”.

    Respectthewater RNLI watersafety RNLICommunitySafety Thanet Kent MargateRNLI Broadstairs Dogsafety RamsgateRNLI
    One of our lovely dog owners who stopped to chat

    We would like to thank all the dog walkers, runners and beach visitors who stopped by to chat and learn how to have an enjoyable, but safe time at the coast.

    coastguard watersafety seasaafety communitysafetyrnli

    If you hear or see an animal or person in difficulty in the water call ‘999’ and ask for the Coastguard straight away every second counts!

    Other useful links

    Do you know how to check the tide times?

    How to have a fabulous, but safe time at the coast with your dog

    Ramsgate RNLI Station



    HM Coastguard

    tidalcutoff RNLI lifeboats ramsgate Broadstairs Margate SeaSafety WaterSafety RNLiCommunitysafety
    It’s Walk Your Dog Month 2020!

    It’s Walk Your Dog Month!

    Incase you weren’t aware January is Walk Your Dog Month and what better way to kick start your New Years Resolutions by getting out in the great outdoors and walking off some of that festive food and drink?

    Coastaldogsafety RNLI watersafety drowningprevention RLSS ROSPA dogs coastguard Thanet Broadstairs Raamsgate Margate
    Two of our team, Ian and Neil pictured with lovely dog walkers during one of our Coastal Dog Safety sessions in 2019

    With obvious health benefits for both you and your dog(s), this awareness month is a great way to help dust off the January blues, get out and about, meet other dog walkers and improve your own and your dogs well being.

    dogsonice Royallifesavingsociety Fireandrescueservice bewateraware

    There is nothing better than going out for a walk along the coast with your doggie, however, lifeboat crews and Coastguard Rescue Teams are regularly called out to dogs and their owners who have got into difficulty at the coast. Here are some tips to help you have an enjoyable, but safe time :

    1.  Always carry a means of ‘calling for help’ such as a fully charged mobile phone in a waterproof case and have it within easy reach

    respectthewater coastalsafety seasafety RNLI lifeboats walkyourdogmonth dogssafety

         2.  Let someone know what your route will be and the latest time you will return. Why not use the  SafeTrx app or download What3Words app?

    mobilephone tidetimes coastguard beachsafety communitysafety lifeboats thanet broadstairs margate ramsgate dogsafety beaches sandybeaches touristinformation thanet

    3. Check the weather and tides before you venture out using either local tide tables or a smart device ap

    RNLI Beach safety CommunitySafety sea safety Thanet

    4. Heed local warning information advice

    seasafety communitysafety tidalcutoff lifeboats RNLI respectthewater

    5.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times, it is very easy to be distracted

    respectthewater RNLICommunitysafety thanet RNLI lifeboats seasafety tides coastguard

    6.  Keep your dog on a lead if you are going to be on cliff paths or close to the sea. Cliff edges are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs

    dogsafety RNLI RLSS communitysafety drowning communitysafety

    7.  If your dog gets into difficulty in the water or falls down a cliff call ‘999’ and ask for the Coastguard, don’t try and attempt a rescue yourself. The Coastguard can mobilise specialist search and rescue teams.

    tidetimes coastguard lifeboat communitysafety seasafety coastalsafety8. Wear the right clothing for the activity, what appears a nice day when you start off can easily change

    We hope you have a great time walking your dog(s) along the coast!  Keep a look out on our social media channels as we run Coastal Dog Safety Stands from time to time around the Thanet coastline often giving out free doggie treats!

    dogs coastaldogsafety RNLICommunitySafety Seasafety RNLI Lifeboats beaches marinas walkersandrunners thanet broadstairs margate ramsgate kent coastguard

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