How To Pack The Best Beach Picnic – Our Top 10 Tips

You may have travelled to the beach for a lovely day. After you are finally ensconced and you and your family have started enjoying the surroundings, before you know it will be time to grab some lunch.  Coming prepared with a few items is always a good move that can be stored until you want to eat. Especially when you have a young family who need fuelling up after some energetic beach activity.  Packing a picnic for the beach is not like packing one for a countryside picnic as there is the sand and wind to contend with and some foods hold up better than others.

We have come up with a few ideas on what some of our team include in their family beach picnic’s.

  1.  Sausage rolls (vege or meat)
  2.  Cocktail sausages (vege or meat)
  3.  Tuna baguettes or wraps
  4.  Baby tomatoes
  5.  Variety of crisps or peanuts
  6.  Humous and or other dips
  7.  Carrotts and cucumber sliced for dipping
  8.  Water/flavoured squash
  9.  Fruit
  10.  Cookies or small cakes

Here’s a quick reminder about beach flags and the Water Safety Code:

We hope you have a great time at the beach and enjoy your picnic.

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