Community Safety Team working in collaboration with Coastguard Rescue Team

Recently our team met with members of the Margate Coastguard Rescue Team to swop educational drowning prevention and water safety material ahead of the season.  This is hugely beneficial so that both teams can share safety messages via an assortment of different innovative material.  The Coastguard team can be called out to a wide range of incidents where sometimes they may have the opportunity to impart safety information which could help advise someone to change their behaviour eg wear a fully serviced lifejacket when they venture out on the water or check the tide times before venturing out to the coast. So, having a selection of material to hand out is useful.

Selection of RNLI and Coastguard water safety material

Keep an eye out for this free material when we are holding our community safety stands at public events.

More useful HM Coastguard beach safety information can be found here

How to call the Coastguard in the event of a coastal emergency

RNLI Beach Safety advice