It’s ok not to be ok!


Mental health issues are now a fact of life throughout every community, workplace, neighbourhood or family.  You will unfortunately, know of someone who has suffered or is currently suffering from a mental health issue. In years gone by, if someone was having a bad day or going through a bad patch, the age old saying was quite probably “man up” or “sort yourself out”. Thankfully, we are seeing a changing culture, whereby it is now more acceptable to have a ‘bad day’ or that you are ‘going through a bad patch’. It’s ok not to be ok!

Cuppa & Chat?

The Samaritans recently ran an excellent campaign entitled ‘Brew Monday’ encourgaing poeple to talk over a cuppa. Thankfully, we are now seeing more and more employers are investing time and resources in looking after their employees mental health.  Great work is currently being undertaken by the charity Mind, working in collaboration with SAR and Emergency Services has to be appaulded.

I recently refreshed a small volunteer group in my local community. This brings together a small number of dog walkers using a social media platform, who during their daily dog walks, have increased their awareness of anyone they felt was having a bad day close to the coastline or anyone out at sea was looking to be in trouble.  It is not about being a ‘nosey parker’, but to ask one simple question ‘are you ok’ if they see someone out and about who didn’t seem ok.  Our local press recently carried a news item highlighting the very tragic case of lady who travelled down from London, who took her own life in the sea.  Dog walkers are out at all times of the day and in all weathers and can spot someone who may need help from the emergency services. The Coastguard, RNLI and other emergency services would rather be called out and it’s a false alarm, than not at all and someone is indeed in difficulty.

I’ve included my top 10 links at the bottom of this blog that are all designed to provide help around mental health issues. Take the time, have a cuppa and a natter. “It’s good to talk”.



Kent County Council




Mental health

NHS resources

Time To change


Vivus – new documentary series from @mohagony about raising mental health awareness by @RosieCarney11 how music has helped her battle with depression and anxiety.