Coastguard and Lifeguard Team’s Working Together

On Saturday (29th June), we enjoyed a catch-up with members of the Margate HM Coastguard Team and the RNLI Lifeguards who were attending an induction workshop so that they are operationally ready for the forthcoming season. Which if last Summer was anything to go by could be very ‘high tempo’.    It is essential that both teams understand each others operational capabilities and roles as they regularly work closely together at complex multi-agency incidents at the coast.

The HM Coastguard are widely known for their helicopters and their daring sea rescue missions.  However, one of the lesser known Coastguard roles is that of their Rescue Teams based along the coastline.  The teams are all highly trained women and men who are volunteers available round the clock to answer an emergency call.. The Coastguard Rescue Officers (CRO’s) are highly trained in cliff, mud and water rescue; advanced first aid and increasingly deployed in their capacity as search technicians to search for high risk vulnerable missing persons in a variety of environments.

Coastguard Officers about to undertake a cliff rescue exercise

It was great to learn about the range of incidents that the Margate Coastguard Rescue Team can get called out to and also the level of training that an RNLI Lifeguard has to undergo before they are ‘operationally ready’.

It was fantastic to stand shoulder to shoulder with both teams to support Armed Forces Day by holding aloft the flag as pictured above.

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