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Unfortunately, due to safety restrictions placed upon us due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have had to postpone many of our drowning prevention initiatives and lifesaving activity. However, we are still busy sharing key safety messages via social media and are permitted to carry out some ‘social distanced’ activity although on a limited basis.  We are continuing to keep subscribers up to date with all the latest news with an e-newsletter which is delivered straight to your inbox.

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Schools Out For The Summer – Top 10 Things We Enjoy About The Seaside

How does Alice Cooper’s 1972 song go …….”School’s out for the Summer!”…..  Many schools have now finally broken up for the Summer.  With the mass Summer holiday getaway well underway, we thought we would share with you our team’s top 10 things they love to do whilst at the seaside:

1.  Enjoy a lovely swim or paddle at a lifeguarded beach

You don’t have to be an olympic swimmer to enjoy the sea, some people enjoy a gentle paddle just as much. Letting the water wash over your feet and legs is a fantastically relaxing thing to do.  Have a look out for the red and yellow flags these will designate where the safest place is to swim or enjoy your activity. More info on beach safety.

2.  Enjoy a nice book to relax and unwind?

We love a great novel especially when sat on the beach enjoying time with the family.  Charles Dickens spent his Summer holidays in the 1850’s and 1860’s in Broadstairs and is reported to have written ‘Bleak House’ there.  We especially love our crime thrillers, but which book would you like to take to the beach?

3.  Have a go at a new sport?

Some members of our team love their coastal water sports.  Why not try out a new sport : surfing, kayacking, stand-up paddle boarding, diving, coasteering and personal water craft (often referred to as jet skiing) have all increased in popularity in recent years.  There are plenty of approved school’s and activity centre’s that run taster or starter courses all around the coast. More helpful safety advice from the RNLI can be found here

4.  Rock pooling

Challenge your family to see who can spot the most unusual creatures. The best time to get to the beach is at low tide as it’s the best time to look for hermit, shore or porcelain crabs and sea anemone.  Some of the creatures can be fragile so be alittle careful.  Before you head down check the tides and be aware of your surroundings at all times as tides can come in without you noticing.  More tides info: Tides Near Me


5.  Swim Safe – Margate Main Sands

Swim Safe is running at Margate Main Sands this year again. Incase you haven’t heard it is free swimming coaching for children aged 7-14 years in the sea with qualified and experienced swim teachers.  Your child must be able to swim 25 metres in a pool unaided before attending. Book your child’s place here

6. Visit a Lifeboat Shop or lifeboat station

Each Lifeboat station has their very own shop which is open during the Summer holidays.  These are located either at the lifeboat station or very close by. They sell a whole range of fantastic RNLI goodies which help to enable the RNLI continue to carry out his essential lifesaving work. Find out more about Kent’s lifeboat stations by checking out our website useful links page

7. Enjoy an ice cream

Our team love their ice cream.  There’s plenty to choose from in and around Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate’s beaches.  What is your favourite you enjoy?  John one of our Comunity Safety Advisors loves his ice cream cone with a flake and strawberry sauce.  Andy loves a choc ice.

8.  Build a sandcastle

Sandcastle building is such a fun activity to do with your children.  Andy (one of our Team) enjoyed building sandcastles with his son and digging a moat around the castles when they were built.

9. Coastal Walking

Taking a lovely beach or coastal early morning walk or perhaps one during the evening is such a fabulous thing to do. It is such as relaxing activity whilst enjoying the sea air and the sights and sounds of the coast.  Some bays can get cut-off very easily in our area of Kent (Kingsgate, Botany, Dumpton Gap, Stone Bay and environs) so it is advisable to have a look before you go out at the Tides Near Me App, check local hazard warning signs and carry a fully charged mobile phone incase you need to call for help. Have a great walk!

10.  How many times can you skim a stone?

How many bounces can you do? Flat or smooth stones are the best in our opinion for skimming in the sea and there’s plenty to be found on the beach. We love challenges, so why not hold your own family competition and see who wins. Maybe the winner gets an ice cream?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 10 list. As Joel one of our Community Safety Advisors says “what is there not to like about the beach”.  What are your 10 ten things that you like to do?  Have a great time whatever you choose to do! Happy holidays!

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It’s Hot Out There – What To Do If You Get Into Difficulty!

Even over the Summer months, the temperature of the sea will remain around 10 – 14 degree’s, low enough to trigger ‘cold water shock’.  Our team are urging people if they get into difficulty in the water try to fight the urge to panic (thrash around etc) and float on your back until you get your breathing under control.  Watch this video now, it just could help save your life – please share.  #Floattolive #Respectthewater #BeWaterAware

It’s Hot Out There – RNLI – Float to Live Campaign

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4 Top Hacks To Help Keep You Safe At The Coast


These four top hacks in the form of the Water Safety Code will help keep you safe whilst at the coast. The Water Safety Code is shared by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Royal Lifesaving Society Society (RLSS) and Swim England – all key Drowning Prevention and Water Safety organisations.   It is integral in helping to keep people safe at the coast or at any stretch of water.

Water Safety Code

  1.   STOP and THINK – Look for dangers. Always Read The Signs




2.  STAY TOGETHER – Never Swim Alone. Always go with friends or family

3.   IN AN EMERGENCY : Shout for help if you are in difficulty, call ‘999’ or ‘112’ ask for the Coastguard at the Coast or Fire Service inland


4.   If you fall in, Float on your back, ‘Float to live’  – check out the video below. Throw something that floats to anyone who has fallen in.

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