Drowning Prevention & Doing It For Dylan

I have devoted this blog to water safety and drowning prevention. The reasons behind this are: highlight the excellent work currently being undertaken by people who work tirelessely: Becky Ramsey (Doing It For Dylan campaign) Gary Willoughby (Twitter @munchbite) and Dawn Whittacker (East Sussex Chief Fire Officer CFOA Drowning Prevention Lead & Chair of RLSS Trustees) amongst others.

If you haven’t seen any of the really powerful video’s on YouTube yet take at look at this:

We need people to share these messages as far and wide as possible to help prevent further tragedies. If you haven’t read or heard about about Becky Ramsey’s tireless drowning prevention work, check out her Facebook page.

Becky Ramsey has also set-up an on-line petition to get Parliament to place water safety and drowning prevention on the national curriculum. Please sign the petition and share with everyone you know. If Becky’s petition receives 10,000 signatures it will get the Government to give a response. Follow this link to the petition.

Throwline boards

There is lots of great work being carried out up and down the country by individuals and organisations (including West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service) to increase water safety and improve drowning prevention. You may have noticed alongside rivers, canals and some parts of the coast throwline boards have been popping up. These are part of some fantastic collaborative initiatives to increase the accessibility and availability of quality lifesaving equipment in at risk areas. If you see one of these boards, have a read and make sure you know what to do in an emergency.

The throwline board initiative (as seen below) in Leeds, is dedicated to Megan Roberts who tragically died of drowning in 2014, by her Mother Jackie.


A link to this story can be found at West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service throws Leeds a Lifeline.

The RNLI are piloting throw line bag initiatives in several coastal areas and on the River Thames in London. Whereby riverside and harbourside businesses and bars can sign up to receive a free of charge, throw line bag to retain on their premises for use incase of someone entering the water close-by. The throw line bag initiative is dedicated to the memory of James Clark who drowned in the Thames at Kingston in 2005. Andrea Corrie, James’ Mother has been campaigning tirelessly for improve safety measures along the river Thames.

Please, please have those conversations with your family members (particularly, if you have boys/men aged 16-39 years old), but everyone, including friends and work colleagues about water safety and drowning prevention. You could save someone’s life by sharing a video or talking about what you have read here. We would very much like you to sign Becky’s petition if you possibly can, follow this link now.

Thank you for reading.

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