Are Lifejacket Crotch Straps Really Necessary?
Are Lifejacket Crotch Straps Really Necessary?

From time to time we are asked the question….. “are lifejacket crotch straps really necessary?”

Crotch or thigh straps as some people may know them as stop the lifejacket from rising up. They also keeping your mouth and nose slightly higher, thereby reducing the chances of water inhalation.

Dependant on the design of the lifejacket either one or two straps may be fitted.  Keeping your mouth out of the water is absolutely vital in helping you survive entering the water.  

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In the event of entering the water, crotch straps need to be tightened fully to stop the lifejacket from riding up. You should be able to reach your crotch straps easily to be able to tighten them in the water.

Have you ever been confused about why we wear crotch straps or how to fit them? Take a look at this short RNLI video.

John Homer one of our most experienced and long serving Community Safety Advisors says “crotch straps are absolutely vital to be worn at all times when wearing your lifejacket. We see quite a few people who say that they are uncomfortable to wear. But, they will help save your lifejacket from riding up if you enter the water and inhale water.  Our advice is to wear a lifejacket at all times whatever the weather or sea conditions and wear your crotch straps”. 

The Youtube video above made by the RNLI, Maritime Coastguard Agency and RYA illustrates again the importance of wearing crotch straps. 

Neil Morgan (Ramsgate All Weather Lifeboat Crew, Community Safety Advisor and Thanet Lifeguard Club Senior Officer) says:  “if your jacket isn’t fitted with crotch straps then they are fairly inexpensive to purchase and can be fitted relatively easily.  Your lifejacket should also have a spray hood to prevent secondary drowning, an emergency light which can help alert search and rescue crews to your position and a whistle to attract attention”. 

Do you have any further questions about lifejackets?  Then why not get in touch by dropping us a direct message on Facebook. 

Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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